Arrogate Car Care provides full auto detailing and steam cleaning services to individual and corporate clients. Our mission is to offer the convenience of our services to our valued clients and promote eco-friendly methods. Arrogate Auto Detailing has been a leading provider of auto detailing services in the United Arab Emirates. Our love of cars stems from our extensive background in the automotive industry. We know how important your car is to you and what it takes to keep it in great shape.  As a client, you should feel confident about the quality of service you receive. We have adopted a client-focused approach to detailing, one which is geared toward strengthening the connection between you and your vehicle. How is this done? We will assess the vehicle and discuss our recommendations with you. You are always encouraged to ask questions. We equip you with the information you need to protect your vehicle paint and other surfaces. You are involved and engaged during every step of the process. This is the Arrogate experience.  

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